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Research Topics

Taking into account all advantages of the resonant waveguide grating (RWG) and the upconversion fluorescence emission of rare-earth nanoparticles, we propose to develop an original method for high sensitivity wide-field optical microscopy as well as for realization of an ultra-sensitive sensing technique.

  • The 1st topics of this joint-proposal is to develop a novel type wide-field UCFM using a RWG structure as a substrate and UCNPs as bio-markers to observe surface images of bio-specimens. High-contrast and high-resolution UCF images will be obtained.
  • The 2nd topics of this joint-project is to develop a label-free, wide-field, RWG-enabled polarimetric optical microscopy.

The project proposes a high-quality and long-term research, which will combine different fields such as nanotechnology, nanophotonics, material science, and nonlinear optics to achieve radically new photonic device and optical instruments.


In France:
Ngoc Diep LAI

Quantum and Molecular Photonics Laboratory (LPQM), Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay.

Address: 61 avenue du Président Wilson, 94235 Cachan cedex, France.

Phone : (+33) 01 47 40 55 59
Fax : (+33) 01 47 40 55 67
Email : 

In Taiwan:
Chia Chen HSU

Department of Physics, National Chung Chung University.

Address: 168 University Road, San Hsing, Ming Hsiung, Chia Yi 621, Taiwan.

Phone : (+886)
5-2720411 ext. 66305
Fax : (+886)
Email : 

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